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Hi and welcome to Herds of Havanese, I’m Dawn founder and Lead Herd Master.

My passion and love for Havanese began two years ago when I got my first companion Cazador.  It did not take me long to realize what an exceptional special breed they are.  Their wit, fun loving, clownish charm bring so much joy and happiness. Cazador (Cazzy Caz) as I like to call him; had me charmed the moment I met him and led me to a journey I did not know I needed: A Herd of Havanese!  I started this herd to share these dogs with others who might need them. 

If you are a first time Havanese owner here are some traits and general information about them. I will always answer any questions that you may have if you don't find what you are looking for here.

They are very affectionate happy dogs, and they will make a good kennel dogs, however they prefer spending majority of their time with you as they are companion dogs.  Basically if they will be kenneled on a regular basis, start them as soon as you can, because they are very mischief and curious little creatures and it easily gets the best of them they will try to get away with anything. Just like humans and children they do get bored! 

They are highly intelligent and trainable, they love playing and learning new games and tricks with their human and love being with you. Literally they enjoy going any and everywhere with you. They do make amazing travel companions, because they are so eager to please with or without seeking out attention.

In general they are rather quiet, rarely whine, mutter, grumble, growl, squeak or bark. They will announce that they recognize the presence of visitors and they will make sure that you are properly greeted and welcomed home, and then quickly settle. They tend to be great with children of any age due to their desire to please.

They require daily grooming if you keep them in “full coat” which typically will and can grow to be about eight inches. That being said they enjoy being groomed and, how you keep them groomed is completely up to you.